Where Technology is IncomPEARable.

The PEARers

We are a group of dynamic individuals from different cultures and talents
committed to create and take online experience to another level.

Our expertise covers a wide scope of the I.T. industry along with our passion
for innovations, setting us in the forefront of technology.


Data drives success. By analyzing all key data, we are able to view on user preferences and how they interact in order to create websites that are relevant, compelling and responsive.


Design to inspire. We design to put the best foot forward online with websites, mobile and apps, not only focus on the aesthetic look and feel, but also create great user experience.


Use the right systems with spot on strategies, we build to customize and optimize for excellence on our digital solutions across all platforms.


There’s no testing without doing it thoroughly. Testing requires a continuous feedback loop to make sure a better tomorrow is by a zero-defect system.




From pixel perfect design to next-level web and mobile applications,
we create digital platforms that inspire action everywhere.


Our Values



Our Capabilities


Digital Strategy

When we talk about digital strategy we get very specific. We discuss not only web strategy, but also social media strategy, digital marketing needs etc. The list goes on. We believe that the various digital components are all moving parts that require coordination and need to be customized to fit business objectives.

Web Strategy

Business objectives should drive technology choices, and we ensure that they will be relevant tomorrow. Our consulting services offer solid but flexible web solutions constructed into segmented components. Replacing a component to leverage new technologies is always more cost effective than changing the entire architecture.

Digital & Content Marketing

Our digital marketing services provide deep insights and consolidated perspectives of consumer behavior, preferences and expectations across all channels – Web, social media, mobile, direct mail, point of sale, etc. We use this information to create and anticipate consistent, coordinated consumer experiences that will facilitate them into the buying cycle.

Content marketing has become a ‘must use’ marketing tool. We understand the growing importance of content marketing and are devising new ways to create consumer interest through educational and informative material. Our successful content marketing services are geared to provide consistent, high quality content that solves user issues.


One doesn’t need a Math diploma to understand the importance of web analytics to any business. We are here to provide insightful information on user activity and track a website’s potential audience – opportunity, and its voice share – visibility.

Domain Management

A company’s domain name is one of any business’s most prized assets. Our domain management services are focused on protecting that vital business component. We stand at the ready to shield brands, domains, and revenue streams.


As many CLICKS as possible! We employ SEO strategies that underpin business objectives and map the required tactics into a transparent plan. Our SEO consultancy services develop the right techniques to fit business objectives that provide long-term results for higher rankings, increased traffic and ultimately more sales from the most prized asset: The domain. Name.

Brand Strategy & Planning

Having the right branding strategy equates to sending a powerful message to positively influence shifting users’ decisions and leads to building a business’s reputation. Our branding services ensure that messages are consistent across all digital platforms to reinforce or heighten user loyalty.

Content Strategy & Development

The 2 very separate, yet interconnected concepts need to be in sync in order to maximize the digital impact of any marketing campaign activity. It requires producing compelling and sustaining content that follows a defined life cycle. We have developed programs that balance content strategy and development with content marketing. Having been operationally tested, we feel confident that this solution will add value to any business model going forward.

Social Media

Social media, a platform that one can’t afford to miss for business today. We recognize the true value of creating content that attracts reader attention and how powerful electronic word of mouth(eWoM) can be in driving increased brand awareness. These virtual communities facilitate user identification with products and ultimately become a company’s ambassadors in a virtual environment.

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Digital Content Executive – English Copywriting (Marketing)

Manage all aspects of digital marketing including usability, analytics, SEO, digital marketing strategies, corporate website, landing pages, social media and email marketing campaigns.

Manage projects primarily across digital marketing mix, to improve customer experience and ensure online presence continues to evolve

Update websites, develop content/graphics for the sites and work closely with various marketing teams and guide their content and digital communications.

Responsible for all English copywriting, content management on various Social Media platform such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter

Minimum of 2 years’ experience in digital marketing Knowledge of successful multimedia and digital interactive content; which is construed broadly to include video, audio, web and other non-print-based platforms

Experience of current social media platforms and integration with web content; ability to apply current trends in communications and marketing; and able to apply that knowledge effectively

Experience in managing results-driven digital marketing campaigns, from planning to implementation

Experience of research, copywriting and creative skills for diverse audiences

Excellent English writing skills,Other languages are desired

Able to work under supervision and be a good team player

Preferred experience in the development of e-communities

Interested parties, please contact:contact us info @ pear . com

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