Where Technology is IncomPEARable.

The PEARers

We are a global group of dynamic individuals from different cultures and talents
committed to create and take online experience to another level.

Our expertise covers a wide range web media capabilities along with our passion
for innovation, setting us in the forefront of online media management.

Mr. Frank Koelzow

Mr. Koelzow is the director of Pear Media. He is in charge of the operations and the financial performance of the company. Under his leadership, the Pear team works to achieve the goals set by the board of management.

Started his career as a statistician in Amsterdam with a Fortune 500 corporation, he was later exposed to identifying, designing and developing web based tools across a wide spectrum of business competencies such as finance, marketing and sales that streamlined business processes, increasing cost efficiencies in Sun Microsystems and Oracle.

After the turn of the millennium, as globalization takes shape, Mr. Koelzow has been at the forefront of developing and implementing the latest web design techniques, digital marketing capabilities to increase web investments while simultaneously enhancing user experiences in global online portals.

“In my 30 years of career, I am at the happiest moment of my life because I am entrusted to deliver the passion of my life which is creating online portals for the global community to use and participate”

Mr. Alberto Lee

Mr. Lee is the co-founder of Pear.
He brought over 20 years of international business and investment experience to help establish Pear. He is a visionary and he understands what people want and need. He understands how people think and why they behave the way they do.

Mr. Lee is instrumental in setting up the corporate philosophies, vision and mission of Pear. As Chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Lee works closely with the executive management team to deliver Pear’s medium and long term goals.

“The world is getting too complicated that we owe it to ourselves to use the knowledge that we have and technology that is available to us today, to create simplified tools that can bring a better tomorrow for everyone.”



Data drives success. By analyzing all key data, we are able to view user preferences and how they interact in order to create websites that are relevant, compelling and responsive.



Design to inspire. We design interactive websites on multiple platforms including mobile apps, not only focus on the aesthetic look and feel, but also create great user experience.



Use the right systems with world leading strategies, we build to customize and optimize for excellence on our digital solutions across all platforms.



No testing is complete without exhaustive analysis. Testing requires continuous feedback to ensure a better tomorrow.




    Our Philosophies define who we are

    PASSION – Pearers MUST be absolutely passionate about what Pear is doing – creating, building, maintaining and growing high value and high profile Geo & Biz Portals.

    PRAGMATIC – Using pragmatic approaches at all time in creating practical solutions, products and problem solving techniques.

    PRECISE – Information displayed MUST be as precise as possible to maintain Pear’s brand, philosophy and responsibility.

    POWER – To accept & embrace the fact that whatever Pear is doing, it has the ability to insert a certain level of influence over ½ the world’s population with total humility & responsibility.



    Simple Is Happy

    SIMPLE – To Build & create simple A.P.I.T. (Applications, Products, Interfaces, Tools). At Pear, our primary mission is to simplify how information can/should be presented to users.

    HAPPY – To provide end users with a happy ending experience. We best want users to avoid more questions instead of answers. And we want the answers to be what the user expect and in time proven justifiable.



    Uniting the World with Information

    At Pear, we truly understand the power of media & information. We also understand that the world is comprised of diversified complex cultures that may be dated back thousands of years, have different religious beliefs and political philosophies. We understand and respect that every community & government have its own unique DOs & DON’Ts, YES & NO. In short, we respect diversity and we believe that this is the way forward.

    It is with all these understanding that we aim to use technology to bring the world closer together by providing simple & precise information and to be able to give every local community an equal opportunity to participate in our projects and to use the products & tools that we create. We value profit but we pay more attention to our clients, partners & users’ needs. We are here to serve the world.



From pixel perfect design to next-level web and mobile applications,
we design digital products that inspire action everywhere.



Our Capabilities


Digital Strategy

When we talk about digital strategy we get very specific. We discuss not only web strategy, but also social media strategy, digital marketing needs etc. The list goes on. We believe that the various digital components are all moving parts that require coordination and need to be customized to fit business objectives.

Web Strategy

Business objectives should drive web media choices, and we ensure that they will be relevant tomorrow. Our services provide solid but flexible web solutions constructed into segmented components. Replacing a component to leverage new web trends is always more cost effective than changing the entire platform.

Digital & Content Marketing

Our digital marketing provides deep insights and consolidated perspectives of consumer behavior, preferences and expectations across all channels – Web, social media, mobile, direct mail, point of sale, etc. We use this information to create and anticipate consistent, coordinated consumer experiences that will facilitate them into the buying cycle.

Content marketing has become a ‘must use’ marketing tool. We understand the growing importance of content marketing and are devising new ways to create consumer interest through educational and informative material. Our successful content marketing is geared to provide consistent, high quality content that solves user issues.


One doesn’t need a Math diploma to understand the importance of web analytics to any business. We provide insightful information on user activity and track a website’s potential audience – opportunity, and its voice share – visibility.

Domain Management

A company’s domain name is one of any business’s most prized assets. Our domain management is focused on protecting that vital business component. We stand at the ready to shield brands, domains, and revenue streams.


As many CLICKS as possible! We employ SEO strategies that underpin business objectives and map the required tactics into a transparent plan. Our SEO capabilities develop the right techniques to fit business objectives that provide long-term results for higher rankings, increased traffic and ultimately more sales from the most prized asset: The domain.

Brand Strategy & Planning

Having the right branding strategy equates to sending a powerful message to positively influence shifting users’ decisions and leads to building a business’s reputation. Our branding ensure that messages are consistent across all digital platforms to reinforce or heighten user loyalty.

Content Strategy & Development

The two very separate, yet interconnected concepts need to be in sync in order to maximize the digital impact of any marketing campaign activity. It requires producing compelling and sustaining content that follows a defined life cycle. We have developed programs that balance content strategy and development with content marketing. Having been operationally tested, we feel confident that our solution will add value to any business model going forward.

Social Media

Social media, a platform that one can’t afford to miss for business today. We recognize the true value of creating content that attracts reader attention and how powerful electronic word of mouth(eWoM) can be in driving increased brand awareness. These virtual communities facilitate user identification with products and ultimately become a company’s ambassadors in a virtual environment.

Making something we are passionate about








Under Development:


Japan.com / Greatbritain.com / goodwine.com 

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